Legacy's Indigo Blues CGC "Indy"
Whelped: 4/14/06


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"Indy"- Legacy's Indigo Blues CGC OVC Hips "Normal" #040776, OFA Elbows "Normal", CERF "Normal" WCC-1025, PRA Carrier, OFA Cardiac "Normal" WCC-CA24/14F/C-PI

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are the descendants of Swedish Vallhunds which the Vikings brought to Wales in the  800s. They are gentle, good natured animals with a loyal and obedient temperament. They are eager to please and respond well to well behaved & considerate children.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi equals big personality in a little dog. These are intelligent, active, alert little guys who will want to be the center of your world. They love to be with their families, and will shower you with loyalty, devotion and affection. They need daily exercise and love to take long walks with you. They are intelligent and eager to please and do great with obedience training. They excel in obedience, agility, flyball, Frisbee, herding, and tracking competitions. They get along very well with respectful children, but parents need to be aware that Corgis might try to herd kids. (They also might try to herd other animals and your houseguests.) Most Corgis like to be with other cats and dogs. They are adaptable dogs and can live anywhere as long as they get walked, but they do like to bark, so close neighbors might object. While personalities differ within the breed, in general, the Corgi is even-tempered, hardy, friendly, loyal and loving. And they are always full of fun! Grooming the Cardigan Welsh Corgi's
medium-length all-weather coat is easy.
A once a week brushing removes dead hair,
and since the Corgi tends to be a rather
clean animal it rarely needs a bath. 


Sunday 4/10/11   2 weeks old


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